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Minnis Calls Nottage’s Comments Deaf And Insensitive

Minister Nottage Press Conference June 14, 2016.   004635

Minister Nottage Press Conference June 14, 2016.   004635Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis is calling National Security Dr. Bernard Nottage’s tone over crime “deaf, insensitive and a frightening reminder that this government is not ready to lead.”

His comments came after the national security minister said that the past weekend’s three murders were unusual.

Over the weekend, Deacon Ivan Cleare of New Bethlehem and two other men were killed in two separate incidents.

“Yet this government is telling them that the violent crime they see and feel is ‘unusual’. Not only is the tone of Minister Nottage’s words deaf and insensitive, but his tone is a frightening reminder that this Government is not ready to lead,” Dr. Minnis said in a statement.

“The murder rate has increased every year they have been in power. There were 514 murders occurring under their rule, yet no response from this government. Sexual assaults against women are on the rise, yet this Government does nothing to stem the tide of these vicious attacks.”

Dr. Minnis said what is unusual is the PLP government thinks that it can “ignore the people”.

“The Commissioner of Police recently proposed acquiring the services of a helicopter, and the acquisition and lawful deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles as well as the construction of a forensic science facility with emphasis on a state-of-the-art DNA laboratory,” he said.

“As they have for the last four years, this Government has failed to act on these important initiatives. We commend the Commissioner for his proactive recommendations as another arsenal in his crime fighting strategy. In the meantime we get no action from this Government. No timeline for the implementation of anything. Instead more empty rhetoric and broken promises from this Government.”



Written by Jones Bahamas

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