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Minister Refutes Claims On Prison Commissioner

Claims by the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), that the new Commissioner of  The Bahamas Department of Corrections was politically motivated were refuted and dismissed by National Security Minister, Marvin Dames. 

In a statement issued by the leader of the opposition, The PLP said they do not support the appointment as “there appears to have been partisan political motivations in making the appointment.”

Commissioner Charles Murphy was handed the baton on Monday, after acting in the position since last year August, following the retirement of former Commissioner Patrick Wright.

Mr. Dames told reporters  who questioned how the new commissioner was selected, that due process was followed, and that the selection was transparent, while calling the PLP’s statement political antics. 

“This is the first time that we would have ever had this kind of transparency. I’m not here to play politics. 

“Due process was followed to the tee. I kept the press updated every step of the way. We talked about the advertisement that was sent out both locally and internationally. 

“There was a group outside of the ministry that went through all of the candidates, narrowed them down and then interviewed the finalist, and Mr. Murphy was the person who actually got the position. It had nothing to do with Marvin Dames. 

“When I speak I’m very transparent in what it is I’m saying,” Mr. Dames said. 

Reiterating that he constantly kept the press updated on the process, he called the opposition’s comments ludicrous. 

“It’s ridiculous, but I expect that from the Progressive Liberal Party. I expect that from the current leadership within that party. Nothing constructive.  

“You ever hear anything constructive they  say? Everything that the government does, it’s a bad thing. They have to find some reason to oppose it,” Mr. Dames added. 

According to the minister, eight persons applied for the position, “it was narrowed down to two, who actually met all of the requirements, Mr. Murphy being the one to come out on top.” 

Mr. Dames during the hand over ceremony on the grounds of the Department of Corrections pledged the governments support. 

“Commissioner Murphy, you can expect our government’s full support as the Department of Corrections continues to evolve into a fully functioning correctional facility. 

“This will entail the continued development of comprehensive strategies that will enable the corrections facility to adapt, adjust and overcome the changing dynamics of rehabilitative services for the country,” Mr. Dames said. 

Commissioner Murphy, in term, pledged to lead his team, adding that corruption will not be tolerated during his tenure. 

“The trust that the Bahamian people have reposed in us will not be betrayed without being challenged. Integrity is our watchword,” Mr. Murphy said. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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