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Millennials Part Of PLP New Perspective

Millennials were the main focus at this year’s Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) convention.


Under the theme “ a new perspective,” night one of the convention saw seven young people on the platform.


Three of the seven speakers last night were millennials and a number of them were seen mingling with delegates and soliciting votes as they are running for the various positions in the party.


Alphonso Major, Reneika Knowles, Tevin Ferguson and Lamar Matthews are among some of the youngest persons vying for the vice chairmanship position.


Major said he’s expecting the PLP to come out of the convention seeing the importance of investing in the millennials of the party.


“I think that for too long we’ve used millennials for certain levels of campaign and certain levels of governance. We’ve never used them at the forefront fully and I think that this is that time where we have to now utilize them. Based on the past elections the fact that we only got 37% of the votes, there was a resounding no from the millennial population and as we go into 2022, the numbers are only going to increase in that population. Therefore those are the persons we must tackle and get to believe in us again,” Major said.


Tevin Ferguson said that he believes that the young people are the future of the party and that’s why he put himself forward for the vice chairman post.


“I’ve put myself forward in my community and nationally because youth need to be educated and empowered for the road to 2022,” Ferguson said.


Kenan Johnson vice chairman said he is proud that younger persons have put themselves forward because when young and old come together, then you get ‘the right mix.’


Former PLP candidate for Killarney and candidate for vice chairman Reneika Knowles said the power of youth inclusion is in the hands of the delegates as they have the choice now to choose a millennial for the vice chairman post.


“Being able to elect young people into positions, to be able to help and authentically execute what it is that they should be doing, is the way they are starting to include the young people. The young people equals a fresh face a new perspective and help start a new era,” Knowles said.

Among those addressing the opening night of the convention were Keenan Johnson, Vice Chairman, Glenisha Albury, Andre Kelly, former chairman of the Young Liberals, Doctor Erecia Hepburn, Mr. Obie Roberts, Attorney Robyn Lynes and Monique Pindling, daughter of former Prime Minister, the late Sir Lynden Pindling.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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