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McCartney Tired of Coalition Talks

Leader of the Democratic National Alliance (DNA), Branville McCartney expressed his frustration Monday in opposing parties alluding to forming an alliance to ultimately overthrow the Progressive Liberal Party.


This came after being asked at the DNA’s press conference Monday morning what Mr. McCartney thought of United Democratic Party’s leader, Greg Moss suggestion on opposing parties standing together for the common goal of overthrowing the current government.


Mr. McCartney expressed that he is tired of addressing a coalition with opposing parties.


Mr. McCartney says although the DNA is open to an alliance, he is frustrated with the opposition’s lack of conviction.


“We are always open as a party, to meet with and discuss like we have over the years, with persons who want what is best for this country,” Mr. McCartney said.


“What is best for this country at this time, is ridding this country of the PLP, but we need people with conviction,” Mr. McCartney said.


“Let me tell you what I’ve found over the years, speaking with many of these persons, they lack wanting to do ultimately do what is right for the country. Any person who has the conviction, and who wants to do good for this country at the end of the day, let’s talk. But if you want to play around, play politics, I ain’t got time for that, we ain’t got time for that, we trying to win a government,” he added.


Mr. McCartney said the DNA has conviction.


“We’ve been around, we’ve been out there, and we’ve been in the wilderness, we’ve taken the blows and we continue to stand strong, and we’re stronger than ever,” he said.


“It’s been proven for years that both PLP and FNM cannot run this country, or if they do, they run it into the ground.”




Written by Jones Bahamas

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