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Man On Bail Found Dead Body Decomposing About 7 Days

A fisherman at the South Beach Canal made a gruesome find early Monday morning when he discovered the body of a man through a nearby tract road, already in an advanced state of decomposition.

According to head of the Central Detective Unit (CDU) Superintendent Paul Rolle, the discovery was made just after 11:00 a.m. yesterday.

Supt. Rolle said the victim, who is believed to be in his 30’s, is known to police.

“It appears that there’s a heavy concentration of blood stains on the shirt area of the individual,” he said. “As I said, he’s in an advanced state of decomposition. He is wearing a large silver link chain, as well as a silver watch.

“He’s wearing a pair of black jeans with the emblems of the marijuana leaf design on the pants as well as a red and black sneaker tennis shoes.”

The victim was also wearing an ankle bracelet.

His body was found through a long winding tract road just feet away from the South Beach Canal.

Yesterday morning, a number of crime scene investigators were seen processing the case as the sun beat down on the dry, bushy area.

The body laid in the sweltering heat, thousands of feet away from the main South Beach strip, away from the nearest residential area and hidden among the bushes.

Preliminary investigations have revealed that the victim may be a resident of Kennedy Subdivision in New Providence, but there is still no word on how he was killed, if he was killed at the site or just dumped there.

While two fired cartridges were found near the victim’s body,” police also could not say if the ankle bracelet was still activated or why those who monitor these tracking devices did not pick this up sooner.

President and CEO of ICS Security Concepts Stephen Greenslade, the company that manages the ankle bracelet system said he has been advised by officials at the Ministry of National Security to not make any public statements on the matter at this time.

Meantime, residents said they were shocked to learn that someone had made such a discovery as hardly anyone is in that area.

Furthermore, they do not remember seeing or hearing anything out of the ordinary in recent times.

However, another fisherman at the site said a few days ago he noticed a suspicious looking man in the area who seemed to be “disturbed.”

The fisherman said the man was sitting for a long time in a small Dodge Neon, acting weirdly.

The fisherman said he could not remember the color of that car, but noted that he left the area after observing the man in the car for some time.

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