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Local Company Assists with Zika Virus

A local Bahamian owned company has brought out a line of products that can help to prevent the Zika virus.

 CEO and Chairman of Carib Med International, Cassius Stuart, says that his current line called “Secure” has mosquito wipes which can prevent the bite of mosquitos thus stopping many mosquito borne viruses.

 “What we have done is, we have met with one or two of the private schools to see if they or the PTA association can take on the wipes and be proactive that the schools get them. Our next step is try see how we can get our kids in public schools protected as well,” he said

 So far, the mosquito repellent, is distributed in Costa Rica, Venezuela, Jamaica and Brazil.

 Mr. Stuart says the product has been successful since its inception around three years ago.

 “It doesn’t have long term or negative effects on your health. The comments we have gotten since its been on the market is that it’s worked really well for them,” he said.

 At the moment Carib Med International is working with the Jamaican government to assist with the Zika virus.

 Mr. Stuart says the company made sure that the product does not involve deet instead a natural based oil.

 This is why we have included citronella oil without the harmful effects.

 The mosquito wipes can be found in your local Lowes Pharmacy, Supervalue, Solomons and Prescription Parlor Pharmacies on the island at $5 dollars per packet.

 Not only does the Secure line include mosquito wipes, but a long line of products including feminine wipes, makeup remover, adult diapers and other products.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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