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Lawyer Wants $2,500 for Each SJC Student

Opening arguments in the St. John’s College case got underway Monday with lawyer for the angry parents and students Christina Galanos arguing that each of the 26 students she represents should be awarded $2,500 for the cancellation of their prom and graduation.

According to the lawyer members of the Anglican Central Education Authority (ACEA), breached a contract they signed with each student to host these events at the end of the school year once they abided by the rules.

She argued that each student should receive $1,500 for graduation and $1,000 for prom.

However, lawyers for the ACEA told Chief Justice Sir Michael Barnett that the graduation contract that the students and their parents are binding them to is not really what they think it is and was simply to state that each student would abide by school rules.

The lawyers also reportedly argued that it is solely at the school board’s discretion whether or not they host events like graduation and prom despite what does or does not happen throughout the school year

Back in June tempers flared between parents of the 106 students and the ACEA after a video surfaced alleging to show some students dancing and acting inappropriately and some of the students reportedly participated in a ditch day.

As a result the school cancelled the class’ final exercises setting off a heated battle between both sides in and out of the court room.

After initially filing papers in court to force the school to host graduation and prom, Ms. Galanos last month said her clients no longer wanted the school to host the events and instead wanted to be paid for their “emotional distress, vexation, emotional distress, disappointment and discomfort.”

The matter heads back to court today.

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