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Keod Smith’s Assault Case Adjourned

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Former Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Keod Smith will have to wait until tomorrow before a judge reads the charges of three different criminal offenses launched against him after his official arraignment was adjourned.

The matter stemming from an August 25 altercation he had with attorney Fred Smith, QC.

The former MP was scheduled to be arraigned in connection with the matter, but prosecutor Sergeant Don Bannister said the matter was put off to Friday morning as police on the case said the files have to undergo further investigation, therefore no dockets were available and no charges were officially read in court.

Sgt. Bannister said Smith’s lawyer Derek Ryan argued that his client had already made plans with his family to travel Friday evening and sought to have the matter adjourned sine die.

However, he said Acting Chief Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt denied the request and ordered smith back in court tomorrow.

“It comes down to the fact that the prosecution was not ready to proceed,” Mr. Ryan said. “So it was adjourned or Friday. The dockets would have laid out what the charges are but we don’t have the docket. The prosecution just wasn’t in a position to proceed today.”

Back in April Fred Smith and Keod Smith, both staunch advocates for the preservation of Clifton Bay, got into a heated argument at Jaws Beach and a Youtube video posting showing Keod removing a metal object from the back windshield of Fred Smith’s vehicle that had been smashed out.

On Tuesday, The Journal broke the story and reported that around 10:22 Monday morning, Keod Smith turned himself into The Cable Beach Police Station with his lawyer.

It was also reported that sources said Smith was interviewed, arrested and charged with one count each of threats of harm, damage and assault against Fred Smith, QC.

In a statement outside court Wednesday, Smith said his side of the story is that on that day, Fred Smith, “employing a dangerous tactic of provoking young black men engaged in positive activity,” knocked down and seriously injured one of his men.

“Based on what has been told to me and my attorney, it is bogus, it is ridiculous and it is not befitting of a member of the Bar and someone who adorns the title QC,” he said.

“All of these are the games they play. They want to keep black Bahamian people off of Jaws Beach but it’s not going to happen. As long as God gives me life and my wife is with me and these people are with me, we are going all the way.”

Smith added that throughout this ordeal, he does not hold any ill will toward the police because as a politician, he knows all too well that, “there are many with power who have mastered the ability to bully the police and to achieve selfish objectives.”

The case resumes in Court Number Nine.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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