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Island Luck Customers Irate

Employees and irate patrons of local gaming house Island Luck, locked horns yesterday at the Collins Avenue establishment as customers were furious that they were unable to access money from their accounts.

Disgusted customers spoke to The Bahama Journal outside of the business establishment yesterday who charged that if the company continues on its path, its future is doomed.

“The problem here at Island Luck today is, Friday my account was locked. I went there Sunday find out why. They told me to come back on Tuesday. That’s why it’s such a racket in there because everybody came back today because yesterday was a holiday,” said one female customer.

“So now they’re telling me, the staff is telling me my account is locked because it’s under investigation,” she said.

“When you spin and put $100 on Island Luck account, when you’re spin and starting to win, what they do is freeze it, then you have to log back in. When you log back in, automatically you are not getting any money anymore. Why? Because they take the money back from us,” said another female customer.

“Everybody in there, for the same situation. The loan thing. They made the system where we could put money on and take it off. Now why is it an issue that we can’t take it off? We just told them if they want something out of it, they could take something out of it,” the customer continued.

The customers said they were told the reason for their accounts being frozen was due to money laundering activity within the company.

However, one customer said she the company’s explanation is unacceptable.

“Here’s the problem. They feel as though, because they started this loan thing that’s going on, money is coming in to their accounts, and money is not circulating within the company. So now they’re trying to find a way to get the money for the company,” the customer said.

“So they’re locking persons account saying they can’t get the money back because it’s under investigation, and nothing can happen until the gaming board says so,” she continued.

“If all of us deposited and want to withdraw our money on the same day, they are not making any money. So now they are trying to find ways to lock people’s account so they won’t get their money” the customer added.

“Island Luck has been going around from years ago. They just became legal about two years ago. Now they want to come at people who doing something illegal,” she lamented.

Another irate female customer said the company is positioning itself to shut down.

“This same empire…this empire what Sebas has will be shut down; because must be everybody inside there saying they going to close down their account. So imagine 100 people closing their account. How much money you going to get? The staff having stink attitude, and if we weren’t there, how were they going to be paid,” she said.

The Bahama Journal attempted to receive comment from Island Luck executives while on the compound, but all attempts were unsuccessful.










Written by Jones Bahamas

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