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Inner City Barber Gives Back

Not all young men are lost to guns, gangs and violence, and a local barber shop, it’s owner and patrons show this by giving back to the senior citizens of the country.


A group of men calling themselves the Super Kutz Group associated with the Super Kutz Barber shop on Nassau Street aim to spread positive vibes throughout the communities and did so with their 3rd annual Super Kutz Senior Citizens’ Day.


Store patron, member of the group and volunteer Calvin Higgs explained that the idea is to give back to the seniors offering them free haircuts.


“It’s the third annual Super Kutz Senior Citizens’ Day. It’s an event where we just go to several Senior Citizens homes in different areas, Fox Hill, Yellow Elder, East Street area.

“We try to get as much senior citizens as possible to bring them down to get their hair cut, feed them give them some quality time, good music and try to have them enjoy themselves.

“It’s just an opportunity to give back and something to feel good about,” Mr. Higgs said.

Held once a year, during May, Mr. Higgs said because of some technical difficulties the event was pushed to this month.

“We had the event later this year. We normally have it in May, but we had to push it back this year,” Mr. Higgs said.

He stated that because it is such a positive event they are outgrowing the venue, the parking lot of Super Kutz.

“In total we had about 60 senior citizens and we also had some of the employees of the homes.

“We also had a few passer-bys, so about 70 or 80 in total today. We have family and friends, patrons of the business that volunteered to assist.

“It’s getting bigger and bigger. I think we have already outgrown this venue, so next year we will do it even bigger,” he said.

Torico Major, another patron of the barber shop and the designated driver of the seniors said he did it to be a positive role model for other young men.


Mr. Major sent a message to the young men of the country, that violence is not the answer.


“I want to hit the ground running and let this be an example for each and every young man growing up in this Bahamas to put the gun down, put the knife down and let’s join hearts in unity and let’s bring change to the Bahamas.

“Let’s try [to] take The Bahamas to where it needs to be, let’s get back to basic and let’s try to turn this country around and for our young men to be stronger and stronger each day.

Mr. Major said that the event was an idea, a vision of a group of men that frequented the barber shop who wanted to do something positive.

“We have a men’s group that we have been holding now for about 5 years, we started in 2015 , it was a vision at first and then we made it reality.

“Once you do something positive a lot of people tend to jump in, and once all hands are on deck we can make anything possible,” Mr. Major said.

He stated that not all men are lost and subjected to guns, gangs, and violence and said the event brings together men that want to make a difference.

“We just want to spread positivity around the nation. We want to spread peace and love, to show that black men can make it in life.

“Once we come together we can make history in this Bahama land,” Mr. Major said.

The group caters to seniors from Unity House, the Yellow Elder Senior Citizens Home, the Good Samaritan Senior Citizens Home, Pat’s Senior Citizens Home and many others.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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