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HeadKnowles launches second Telethon to help Hurricane Victims

For the second time, local charity, HeadKnowles Ltd. Foundation is preparing for a ‘Helping to Heal’ Telethon for southern islands, Salina Point, Acklins and Ragged Island which were ravished during Hurricane Irma.

Partnering with the telecommunications company ALIV, HeadKnowles Ltd. representative, Patrina Khoo Farquharson hopes that the Telethon will prove to be a successful endeavour.

“We are hoping to raise a lot of money for rebuilding.  As you know, in Ragged Island, only a handful of homes and buildings are still in no shape for habitation and we have to give emergency rations and have to buy building supplies.” Mrs. Farquharson said during a press conference held at ALIV headquarters.

Mrs. Farquharson  explained what HeadKnowles Limited  has incurred  in the past assisting with restoration efforts.

“We have to consult builders; we have to coordinate with many different organizations to make sure this happens,” Mrs. Farquharson said.

She said  “we would like for it to happen as fast as possible, so of course we would need to have the funds to back that up.”

Two years ago, HeadKnowles launched their first telethon to assist Bahamians  affected by Hurricane Joaquin, but since then, the entire Bahamas has been traumatized by these natural disasters.

“The thing about the Telethon is that  we’ve had two whole years in The Bahamas of all of us being severely taxed, from personal to public damage and just being traumatized by it,” The HeadKnowles representative stated.

Furthermore, post hurricane trauma seemingly doesn’t take effect until the initial shock is over; but the aftershock is just as damaging as many Bahamians are still without homes and living with family members or friends.

Mrs. Farquharson  also  told The Bahama Journal, “We would like, at least in the short run, for Christmas to be a good time for people who are suffering; as this is one way we would like to benefit them and of course in the long term is the building efforts.”

ALIV’s IT specialist, Dwayne Davis explained how the telethon will work as it relates to donations. “The way we’ve designed it, if you donate ten dollars, for example, you have until 9:45 that night to put the money on your phone.

“We will accept your donation, then send you a text confirmation that you’ve donated and within the text confirmation the text will say, ‘please ensure the money is on your account by 9:45pm. We will remove it after 9:45pm” Mr. Davis said.

Also, ALIV customers may text 2548 on their phones to donate monies of different amounts like five, ten, twenty, fifty and one hundred dollars; donation of more will be greatly appreciated.

Moreover, if you are a Bahamas Telecommunications customer (BTC); from your phone, you will dial 603-GIVE and donate using your debit or credit card.

All phone calls will be free of charge and all donations will be vat free.  HeadKnowles Ltd is now accepting donations and the actual telethon will be held on Wednesday, December 13th at 8am and end at 6pm.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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