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Head of DEU: Big Issues Combating Drugs

Head of the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU), Chief Superintendent Samuel Butler said yesterday that there are no definitive answers to match the bigger issues in combating drug trafficking.

Mr. Butler says the bigger issues are the open ports and the layout of the country’s archipelago that doesn’t allow for a secure border in preventing incoming drugs.

“It would be virtually impossible to have law enforcement present at every point of the circumference of the territorial water of The Bahamas,” he said.

“Our reality is, wherever there is a demand the supply will be met.”

“Drug pedaling even from a community street level has seemed to attracted a number of young men to that business, and as you would understand it is fast quick money.”

Mr. Butler relayed some of the same countries like Canada, and the United States still being the major sources of incoming drugs since 2014.

“There’s no real drug trend that we would want to highlight, most of the trends we see is much of the same.”

Mr. Butler acknowledged commercial airlines as being another big factor of drug trafficking, but he says with the many creative ways of smuggling drugs the dealers are capable of always seeping through the cracks.

“Drug traffickers have various means, and I always say that they are innovative and they always use ingenious techniques, not to say they are outwitting law enforcement but they have time on their hands to plan,” Mr. Butler said.

“An example would be where you would see an ordinary household item that is transformed that is able to conceal the drug.”

“For example a can of peas, a properly labeled can of peas, they have the ability to stuff that can with drugs.”

The chief superintendent says the only real hope in putting a cap on drug trafficking is to educate everyone on the matter. He says he can only hope that in the department’s success of catching the offenders, it will lead to prove to other offenders not to get involved, as they will be charged in the court of law.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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