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Group Condemns Children’s Eviction

The Vice President of Rights Bahamas Joseph Darville  has hit out at government over the manner in which Bahamian families are reportedly being evicted from their homes because of overdue mortgage payments.

Mr.  Darville said a more humane process could have been found, and called it unbelievable that the Bahamas Mortgage Corporation (BMC) would take such harsh measures without any provision being made for children who might be affected.

“It is beyond belief that they would simply put Bahamian children in the street,” he said. “The fault for any failure to make mortgage payments falls squarely on the shoulders of the parents and if the government insists on taking action, it must insure that the interests of innocent minors are protected.”

Calling for Social Services to be involved in the process, Darville pointed out that the BMC could also have sought to enter into reduced, fixed-term payment plans or found other alternative solutions for as many delinquent homeowners as possible.

“We understand that the proper judicial processes have been followed and that in some cases, their is no choice but eviction,” Darville said. “Still, we call on the government to have compassion and humanity – especially as the homeowners who have been evicted so far represent only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this nation’s longstanding mortgage crisis. Other families across the nation are now terrified that they will lose all they have worked for in an instant.

“This is a newly independent developing country; a country where for many, the measure of sovereignty and meaningful citizenship is home ownership. Today our middle class is struggling, still suffering the shock-waves of a global financial crisis that was not of our making.

“Rights Bahamas calls on the government to recommit itself to finding solutions that will not end the dreams of empowering home-ownership of so many Bahamians at such an early stage in our development.

“Our members stand ready and willing to help in whatever way we can to protect homeowners and especially their children in the face of this crisis. No innocent child should end up without a home; no son or daughter should have to watch their parents degraded and shamed.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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