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Grand Lucayan has multiple offers for purchase


The Grand Lucayan Resort has a number of potential buyers for the property; this coming from
Minister of Tourism Investments and Aviation Deputy Prime Minister Chester Cooper as he
spoke about new and exciting plans for Grand Bahama earlier in the week.
Asked for more information on those negotiations during the Office of the Prime Minister’s
Weekly Press Briefing, the tourism minister says he could not say at the time.
“Let me tell you that there is always a delicate balance when you’re doing a business negotiation
with providing information in the public interest and protecting the integrity of the deal that you
are in fact negotiating”, he said. “I don’t plan to provide any more information in relation to
discussions on the Grand Lucayan Resort at this time. I hope that I will be able to provide more
information shortly.”
Minister Cooper said, as soon as there’s more to tell he will make a statement, promising
members of the media that, “as soon as the money is in the bank, I’ll tell you first.”
He did say though that prospects for investments in the country’s second city remains high.
“What we are doing in Grand Bahama is a multi-pronged approach to the revitalization of the
island, Mr Cooper explained. “I can tell you that stopover visitor growth for Grand Bahama
Island is faster than any other island in the Bahamas year over year. I can tell you that cruise
arrivals are up 20 percent. I can tell you the Ministry of Tourism and its executive team visited
the island of Grand Bahama. We are working with all of the stakeholders from east end to west
end to help the island of Grand Bahama to tell their own story. Tell the story of their
Minister Cooper explained that in the East End of Grand Bahama there are the natural beauties of
the Lucayan Park and the sun bars; and on western end of the island the authentic experiences
that can be enjoyed, and the cosmopolitan life of Freeport.
The deputy prime minister went on to highlight some of the recent developments in Grand
Bahama. He said, “There is a deep, broad product in the island of Grand Bahama. I’m
enthusiastic about some of the developments that we’re seeing. We announced recently the sixth
census resort. We announced recently the redevelopment of the Grand Bahama international
airport. There are other developments in the pipeline.”
“I want the people of The Bahamas to know, and the people of Grand Bahama to appreciate that
the growth of tourism, as I’ve indicated in the statistics yesterday and in the statistics of Grand
Bahama just now, is really for the ultimate benefit of Bahamians,” he said.

He said it is the governments’ duty and opportunity to create new businesses, and to provide
opportunities for more experiences. He said, “The Tourism Development Corporation in New
Providence and Grand Bahama will be working along with entrepreneurs to do, to do just that.”
Minister cooper asserts that the government will continue to provide support for small business
development through Small Business Development Centre (SBDC) and he is excited for what is
to come.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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