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Grand Lucayan Employees Standing Firm

Lucayan Renewal Holdings is not letting up as negotiations drag on in the case of voluntary separation packages for Our Lucaya workers.

When asked for an update on the negotiations,  President of The Bahamas Hotel Managerial Association Obie Ferguson said, “certainly, I will not be moved by nonsense.” 

He added that they are still deep in negotiations with Lucayan Renewal Holdings Limited over VSEP packages for managers of the Our Lucaya Resort.

Mr. Ferguson chalked that up to the fact that the ideas and projections of the current chairman have been what he called, “unreasonable.” 

“He  moved from $2.7 million and we’re now to $3.2 million, I think. We are of the view that it has to be $4 million on the basis of a simple formula. 

“If you work for a company for 21 years, the assessment has to be based on 21 years, that’s the way it was in every voluntary separation package. 

“BEC was the same, Water and Sewage will be the same, Batelco was the same and the beat goes on, that’s the way its done,” he said.  

According to the union president, $1 million has been shaved  off the settlement, taking it to $4 million plus an annuity of what was negotiated from 7 per cent to 4 per cent of workers pay. 

Despite the stenching, he added that workers he said are still standing firm.

“My  Vice  President in Grand Bahamas had a meeting two days ago and about 99.9% of the workers are standing firm and why wouldn’t they? 

“How could they agree to accept less than what the law provides? Not only that they will now be going on the streets, not like they have a job after this.

“Bahamians aren’t stupid, I can assure you that Bahamians aren’t stupid people,” Mr. Ferguson said.        

Mr. Ferguson said issues have not yet reached the point of industrial action.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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