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Gov’t’s BPL Response Called “Petty”

The Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) Deputy Leader Arinthia Komolafe says that the government’s response to the ongoing  Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) saga  has been underwhelming, inadequate and petty.

She  said  yesterday that  the party followed the ongoing discussion  “with interest.”

  Mrs. Komolafe said, “this is unfortunate and unacceptable for an administration that professes a commitment to good governance, transparency and accountability.”

She added, “the fact is that the Bahamian people have received more coherent, logical and detailed information on occurrences at BPL from its former board members than the duly elected government of The Bahamas.”

“Responses from the political directorate have been weak, petty and focused on matters of less importance to the main issues impacting BPL,” she said.

The party’s deputy leader said that the DNA welcomes the investigation on the matter.  However  they submit that any investigation into this matter must be “independent, thorough and expedited.”

Mrs. Komolafe said, “In this regard, as the allegations relate to a substantive minister, within the cabinet, the independence of the reviewing party or body from the political directorate is a must.”

She added, “the government cannot be seen to be investigating itself without tainting the process with suspicions of bias and a lack of objectivity.”

The DNA  official  said that she is “hopeful that the announcement of the launch of an investigation is not an attempt to silence the professionals whose integrity have been brought into question or a tactic to sweep this serious matter under the proverbial rug.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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