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The Democratic National Alliance’s (DNA) Leader yesterday expressed that the Minnis Administration is far from transparent and accountable. 

She used the opening of the new general post office as an example, pointing out that the government saw no issue with a senior Cabinet minister with three portfolios receiving a contract for the post office. 

“In fact, they have no shame. They didn’t even send out a Request for Proposals so that other qualified, average Bahamians; dare I say the small man, could apply for an opportunity to host the post office.”, she said. 

“Why didn’t they use this opportunity to create more Bahamian entrepreneurs, who can create sustainable jobs for me and for you? Why didn’t they think about franchising post offices, and taking them to communities? Now we’ve paid the rent to Town Center Mall, and they say we got a steal of a deal. We also paid to renovate the Town Center Mall, and yes we still have to pay that massive rent.”, she added. 

Mrs. Komolafe also expressed concerns of the government filling its cronies’ pockets “and perhaps a certain cabinet minister” after tuning in to the Prime Minister’s recent national address. 

She also advised that in the next budget communication, Bahamians will see for themselves how the government will make them pay for major roadworks while “making their cronies richer”. 

While she admitted that infrastructure is extremely important, she questioned why the Prime Minister is ignoring the cries of the poor. 

She said, “Remember, Ingraham did the same thing in 2007 and 2012. Remember, poor people was suffering in the recession, and taxes, fees and NIB contributions went up.

“When they carried out those road works in New Providence, killed businesses, and caused people to lose their jobs and their homes. Many people are still suffering from that, while some have yet to recover. Some died trying to recover because a government decided to focus on things rather than people.”, she added.

Fast-forward to 2019 , and she said “same script, different cast. 

“Smooth roads will not feed your hungry children; neither will it pay school fees. Smooth roads will not keep your lights on. How many among us go home in darkness? Burning the candle has become the norm. How many of us drive with the windows down or pray for cold days so that we can preserve the fuel in  our cars?

“How many of us have lost our homes after sweating and sacrificing to put a roof over our children’s heads? How many of us had to start over again? How many people will we continue to see moving to this little Nassau just to survive? she  asked. 

Mrs. Komolafe gave her address at the DNA’s officer installation ceremony yesterday at The British Colonial Hilton. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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