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“ Gov’t Abused Power,” Says PLP Senator

Progressive Liberal  Party Senator JoBeth Coleby-Davis  says, “ the strength of our judicial system has  prevailed against the outright executive overreach and abuse of power by this Minnis led administration.  We have every reason to be deeply concerned by the attempt of this government to circumvent our democratic systems by meddling with government agencies, witness coaching, and aiding and abetting of innocent individuals to participate in this political witch hunt against the Progressive Liberal Party former senior Government members.”

 Her comments come on the heels of the acquittal of former Chairman of The Public Hospitals Authority, Frank Smith by Magistrate Joyann Ferguson-Pratt on bribery and extortion charges.

The Senator said, “the misapprehension of Frank Smith built on innumerable administrative irregularities, the collusion of senior cabinet officials, and the authoritarian nature of the Prime Minister at the public expense for the public shaming of PLPs in handcuffs, falsifying charges, and false imprisonment is inconceivable.

“I have had no confidence in this administration’s ability to inquire into the malfeasance; the abuse of public office and the public trust. They are all complicit in conspiring to pervert the course of justice by distorting law and administrative practices through the staging of trials. This government and its collaborators will be guilty of using its influence for narrow political interest,”  she asid.

Mrs. Coleby-Davis said, “the office of the Attorney General has failed in its duty to protect the rule of law and safeguarding our institutions from public abuse perpetrated by this government. The political targetting of the former members of the  PLPs administration is unjustified. It is unfortunate, both financially and personally.  Cutting corners to get a conviction and being hellbent on bringing punishment for political purposes in the eyes of  Free National Movement supporters is a very treacherous and divisive direction to carry our country.

“I remind the Attorney General that he vowed to preserve our democratic institutions, especially from government officials who disrespect and dismiss our legal procedures. It would be nakedly complicit if the Attorney General participated in politically motivated criminal investigations built on partisan gamesmanship or retaliation rather than on the due process of the law in the public interest. Any efforts by senior government officials to interfere with the investigation process would be contrary to the rule of law. It must be strongly opposed by the Bahamian people.”

She said, “The Progressive Liberal Party will remain vigilant of the politicization of prosecution and crossings of politics and law enforcement.  The Attorney General has been entrusted to carry out the functions of his duties faithfully, despite his political associations and today he himself has fallen short.

“Leaders are called to a higher standard. Leaders are to lead with integrity! However, when there is an abuse of power or evidence of political interference, those responsible should do the honorable thing and resign. The wrongful castigating of a Bahamian by the evident misuse of public office by senior officials necessitates the need for resignations.

“Therefore, I join the Leader of the Progressive Liberal Party in calling for the resignations of two sitting Cabinet Ministers, Duane Sands and Marvin Dames,” she said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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