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Former AG Welcomes Probe Over Alleged Corruption

Former Attorney General Allyson Maynard- Gibson has welcomed any investigation or audit into alleged corruption attributed to her during her time in office.

Mrs. Maynard- Gibson’s comments came while she appeared as a guest on Love 97’s daily radio talk show Issues of the Day.

“I don’t believe in boxing the shadows.  I came into politics with my integrity intact and notwithstanding those who casually throw people’s names around I am leaving politics with my integrity intact,” Mrs. Maynard Gibson said.

“Any specific allegation that is made against me, I am able to answer it.  If there is any suggestion of me having committed any criminal offence, I know I haven’t and would ask persons to contact the police immediately.

“To the extent that there will be any forensic audits, I know the auditor general very well.  He has already been in all of the agencies in which I had control and invite him to stop with me.  I have no problem with that.”

Mrs. Maynard-Gibson revealed in April 2015 that her husband Maxwell Gibson owned the retail jewelry store chain that had been granted storefront leases in Baha Mar, while rejecting accusations that she had a conflict of interests due to her role as government negotiator for then stalled resort.

At the time, she stressed that she had no interest or control of any business with a stake in the $3.5 billion resort.

However, she also said she made “no apologies” for her husband having a business venture with Baha Mar.

In the interview, she added that her husband obtained his leases through his own volition.

“My husband has been in business for almost 30 years.  He started small and his business has expanded, one of three jewelry business that are completely Bahamian owned and even before there was any thought of Baha Mar or Chapter 11,” Mrs. Maynard-Gibson explained.

“There were leases my husband, like any other Bahamian who could apply, did apply for. There was nothing to do with me.  He, on his own standing, obtained those leases.

“The record would show that as well.  I have no problem with anybody investigating that at all.

“As a result of the liquidation, all persons who had anything to do with Baha Mar were at risk and the desire of the government was to work for three things, to get the property finished, to get it opened and to get it successfully operated.”

The former Cabinet minister, who was a crucial figure in negotiations to get the resort open after a severe delay, suggested that because of the lack of communication, “social media” and “other alternative facts” distorted the goals the Christie administration had attempted to achieve and was subsequently ousted as government.

However, despite this, Mrs. Maynard-Gibson maintained that the multi-billion-dollar West Bay Street resort will go down as a development that was “landmark for the excellent and transparent” way it was handled.

Phase one of the hotel was opened two and a half weeks before the May 10 general election and was heralded as the most significant economic development ever to occur in the country and the Caribbean region by former Prime Minister Perry Christie.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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