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FNMs Weigh In On Sands/Butler Leadership Bid

The Free National Movement has dealt with a series of in-fighting the past calendar year but a recent move from two senior members seems to have split the party in two.

 This past weekend recently sworn in FNM Senator Dr. Duane Sands announced that he would once again be vying for the deputy leader position in the party with MP for Long Island Loretta Butler-Turner challenging for the party’s leadership position.

 Following yesterday’s budget contributions, Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest who says that while his support is with current Opposition Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis he welcomes the challenge placed forth by the team of Butler and Sands.

 “One thing about the Free National Movement in its entire history, it’s been a party of democratic principles and as a result of that anyone has the option to present themselves for leadership.

 “We have no issue with their desire to challenge for leadership and it’s their right being members in good standing; we respect their views but we believe that we have the better team and we have the better plan for the country and for the party and I’m sure going into convention we’ll come out victorious, ” Dr. Turnquest said.

 FNM parliamentarian Theo Neilly on the other hand fully support’s Long Island Member of Parliament Loretta Butler-Turner in her bid for party leader.

 “Certainly we are a democratic party and we invite persons to run for leader or deputy leader.

“I don’t agree with persons that say she represents the elitist or establishment because I certainly do not.

 “Everyone knows my position; I’m certainly a fan of Loretta so I’m looking forward to the convention personally. The more people come forward, the greater the possibilities but I’m going with Loretta that’s my personal choice,” Mr. Neilly said

 Neilly also said that the alleged the rift in the party is not as large as persons would assume.

“I personally don’t think the divide is as large as people think and I don’t experience it personally, we are a democratic party, some other parties may not engage the way we do and we’re allowing persons to have their choice and let their voice be known.

 “I hear about this divide all the time but it’s not how people make it out to be, it’s just a process we’re going through and the people have a right to choose who they wish especially the delegates, ” Mr. Neilly said.

 The FNM General Convention is scheduled for July27-29.



Written by Jones Bahamas

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