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FNM Unbothered By Crossover

After last week’s crossover of several former Free National Movement (FNM) members to the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP), FNM Deputy Leader Peter Turnquest said his party is not bothered.

“We in the Free National Movement do not begrudge them for their decision and I’m sure they had a reason for it. We are focused on our plans for rescuing this country from a failed government,” said Mr. Turnquest.

“We’re not interested in those individuals who have decided that they need to leave the Free National Movement. We are not interested in career politicians. We are interested in the status quo. Those who find this new paradigm uncomfortable for their way of thinking and their way of life will find it difficult I suppose to exist under this new paradigm,” he said.

During the PLP’s final night of convention last Thursday, nine former FNM members joined Prime Minister Perry Christie on stage in a show of support for the party.

The group included Calvin Farquharson, Ivoine Ingraham, Peter Carey, Kingston Brown, Wellington Smith along with former FNM MP’s Anthony Miller, Lester Turnquest, Byron Woodside and Algernon Allen.

When asked by the Bahama Journal if any of the nine new PLP’s had expressed issues with the party prior to leaving, Mr. Turnquest said there were no issues at all.


“We haven’t had any confrontation with any of them. The truth of the matter is many of them had indicated to us that they no longer supported the Free National Movement from as early as 2012. So look at the individuals involved and really, I don’t think much more needs to be said,” Mr. Turnquest said.


Although he has not claimed to have crossed over, FNM MP Edison Key made a surprise visit to the PLP’s first night of convention last Tuesday.


At the time, he told reporters that he was there in support of his friends.


Mr. Key has recently expressed disgust with FNM Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis, calling him dishonest, and one who attempted to destroy his political career.


Shortly afterwards, Mr. Key along with six other FNM MPs successfully ousted Dr. Minnis as leader in the House of Assembly.


Meantime, the FNM deputy leader said his party is united and focused on moving the country forward as it uses young Bahamians as the vehicle to do so.




Written by Jones Bahamas

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