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Tensions  rose between Free National Movement members as Pineridge MP Frederick McAlpine and National Security Minister Marvin Dames get into a heated  exchange of words over the issue of corruption  while exiting the House of Assembly yesterday. 

According to Mr. McAlpine, the backbencher attempted to greet Mr. Dames in an effort to indicate that there were no hard feelings between them. 

Mr. Dames then told Mr. McAlpine not to “butter him up”. 

This  exchange comes off the heels of comments made in the press following an address made by the Prime  Minister last week labelling the opposition party as ” the very definition of corruption.”

 When asked what’s been the tone of the FNM since his comments, the Pineridge MP said, “well, I don’t know what the tone has been by most, but I know what folks have seen transpired.

“I’m  trying to do my best,  because this is about people;  and I don’t think we ought to take it personal. It’s about people. It’s the people’s time. It’s the people’s house, and it’s the people’s agenda.”, he added.

“All  I’m trying to do is to be amicable and to speak to the issues that affect the people.”, he said. 


Mr. McAlpine added that perhaps the Prime Minister may need to address this issue as the behavior of party members may be escalating into something else.

He said, “those of us who speak against  anti-corruption should not have the perception of corruption. This is all about perception. Nobody is calling any of my colleagues corrupt, but we we’ re the preachers of anti-corruption. So, we need to deal with the matter at hand.”

Mr. Dames  however  said,  “Listen, I’m here to represent the people of Mount Moriah and as the Minister of National Security, and the people of this country. We made a promise to the Bahamian people when we took office. 

“We will do our endeavor best to clean up corruption in this country and bring back some level of respectability. I’m not going to turn that into a political charade.”, he added.

Mr. Dames added that he doesn’t quite know what Mr. McAlpine is trying to do, but he’s not in office to play games. 

He added that the FNM is here to run a country.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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