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FNM Fires Back at Davis’ ShotSpotter Criticisms

The Free National Movement (FNM) called Opposition Leader Philip Davis a ‘hypocrite’ following his comments, made last week, on the ShotSpotter Technology. 

Mr. Davis also labelled the technology as a bad investment by the government.  

He added that ShotSpotters did nothing to prevent those 14 individuals from being shot in Montel Heights earlier this month.

The FNM, in a statement dated July 9, added that “his unprecedented campaign to attack any and all signs of progress in the country are staggering, only rivaled by his continuing nonsensical litany of lies, falsehoods, and mistruths, and most of all, hypocrisy.”

The statement also said, “Davis – who was a key leader in the previous government when the murder rate hit historic annual highs, year after year – has now re-made himself into the PLP’s safety patrol, claiming he knows best on crime-fighting measures even though he failed to introduce or implement them when he held power.

“‘Crime Expert’ Brave would have us believe the implementation of the ShotSpotter program is a wasted investment.”

According to the FNM, data and facts prove Mr. Davis wrong. 

“It’s stunning how silent the woeful PLP has been on the issue of crime, given the Minnis administration’s progress in reducing crime over the last two years. Yet, when they do chime in – like the old and tired Brave Davis did recently – it’s usually a broken-record type attack short on solutions, data, and policy, but high on heated and empty rhetoric,” the statement read. 

The Minnis administration said it understands more work remains in the effort to reduce crime, however, Mr. Davis should know that “simply talking at the problem and making false claims for political expediency does nothing to add to the serious efforts taking place to make the country’s neighbourhoods and communities safer.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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