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FNM: Christie Late Again- Opposition Slams PM Over Failure To Appoint Chairmen

Perry Christie has been in the prime minister’s chair for over two months now and he has yet to appoint chairmen for several key boards – further proof that lateness and indecision continue to define his style of governance, according to the Free National Movement (FNM).

In a press statement released yesterday FNM Chairman Charles Maynard again reminded the Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) that it promised Bahamians that it would be ready to govern on day one.

“That was a reasonable expectation given that they had five years to prepare,” he said.

“Sadly, even that amount of time was insufficient for them to make basic decisions about the organs of governance. [It’s] delay and indecision – the Christie way.”

The chairman said the substantial majority of directors appointed by the FNM Government tendered their resignations shortly after the May 7 General Election.

“Many directors, especially the chairmen, continued to execute core functions in the interest of continuity until their successors are named. As of June 30, 2012, the tenure of most of the statutory boards expired by law,” Mr. Maynard said.

Mr. Maynard said many of the organisations are without directors and many positions are now vacant.

“The inability to appoint the full slate of new statutory boards following the election of a new government is a serious failure on Mr. Christie’s part,” he said.

“This failure is yet another reminder of Mr. Christie’s tendency towards a lackadaisical style of governance. A tendency to delay decision-making and to be indecisive in general could be harmful in times when governments and the individuals and businesses they serve to move with swiftness and determination to seize every available opportunity.”

Mr. Maynard noted that the most immediate decision by the Christie administration was to find jobs for their party leaders and well-connected friends and contributors.

“Clearly, Mr. Christie has no difficulty moving quickly to find and fill positions that serve the needs of his political friends and supporters. But when it comes to moving quickly to govern in a way that serves the overall public interest, his approach is ‘I’ll get to that soon’,” he said.

So far, the PLP has appointed Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller chairman of the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC) Board.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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