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FNM Calls On Hamilton To Resign

The Free National Movement (FNM) has called on President of The Bahamas Nurses Union (BNU) Cleola Hamilton to resign from her post as it poses a conflict of interest.

In a statement released Monday, the minority party accused Mrs. Hamilton, who has also been appointed a parliamentary secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, of having a conflict of interest by remaining a union representative while also acting on behalf of the government.

“How does Mrs. Hamilton expect to mask herself in the cloak of unionism and, at the same time, also serve as an elected member within the government’s innermost framework,” the statement said. “Certainly, Mrs. Hamilton must have not yet come to an understanding of the concept of serving one master because she unashamedly attempts to serve two and, no doubt, could potentially render a gross disservice to one of the parties.”

“Indeed, the BNU deserves a president who has their interests and concerns at heart as opposed to one whose conflicting interests could possibly subjugate their concerns to that of her political masters and/or in the pursuit of political mileage.”

The Bahama Journal made several calls to Mrs. Hamilton, but those calls were not answered.

Mrs. Hamilton has announced that she intends to remain in her position as BNU President until her term expires later this year.

While the FNM charges that Mrs. Hamilton’s dual role as government agent and union representative is a case of conflict of interest, The Bahama Journal has found that each union’s constitution lays out guidelines advising its executive members of positions in government that warrant resignation from their union posts.

However, the BNU has no such restrictions in its constitution.

Meanwhile, the FNM has called on Mrs. Hamilton to do the “honourable” thing and resign from her position as president immediately.

“The FNM decries such shameful conduct and is most astounded by what can only be seen as a low point in the noted history of this most respectable union and the professionals it represents,” the statement said. “Surely, Mrs. Hamilton should have known that the Nurses Union caters to some of the medical and allied professions best and brightest minds and that its purpose is to serve the interests of PLPs, FNMs, DNAs and independents alike.”

“Cleola Hamilton’s actions are evident of the failure of Prime Minister Perry Christie to monitor and enforce standards of conduct governing his Members of Parliament, parliamentary secretaries and ministers. With issues such as this arising within the PLP after a little more than four months in office, the FNM is thoroughly committing itself to serving as a watchdog to ensure that integrity and trust in government—as we’ve fought so hard to restore since our victory in 2007—remains an unbreakable standard.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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