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‘Eight Weeks for GB Power Restoration’

Some Grand Bahama residents may have to cope without power for a few more weeks, considering the amount of salt water Hurricane Dorian swept into their homes, according to former Bahamian Contractor’s Association President Leonard Sands. 

He explained that salt water is a natural conductor of electricity, which can create electrical hazards if power was automatically restored. 

Mr. Sands added that affected properties must undergo assessments from professionals beforehand.

The absence of an assessment, from what The Bahama Journal understands, can cause electrocutions and fires in affected homes. 

Mr. Sands, based on his professional expertise, estimated that some areas on the island may not have power for some six to eight weeks. 

“I think what’s going to happen is that power will be brought on in phases. You can’t just wire up the whole grid again. It’s too dangerous,” he said.

“If we are to out, any kind of guess work on how long that will take. I say, I think the island of Grand Bahama will not have full power in every settlement, as it was before the storm, for at least six to eight weeks.” 

The Bahama Journal also reached out to Grand Bahama Power Company Communications Manager Cleopatra Russell, who offered different sentiments.

She added that the company plans to re-energize as early as this week. 

“Our goal is not just to quickly restore the island, but to safely restore the island as quickly as possible,” she said.

She added that even with Hurricane Matthew back in 2016, the power company did not take six weeks to restore electricity. 

Ms. Russell reiterated that the safety of all consumers is first priority.  

In a release issued last evening, GB Power indicated that it has since restored power to Eight Mile Rock, the Pelican Bay Hotel, the Grand Lucayan Hotel, Seahorse Plaza, parts Of Kings Road, Coral Beach, Harbour House Towers, parts of Seahorse Village, parts of Windsor Park, parts of The Ridge, and parts of Royal Bahamia Estates. 

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