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Education Workers Fired

Several dozens of those 200 plus contract workers at the Ministry of Education have been terminated, while others are facing active disciplinary action, Minister of Education, Jeffery Lloyd confirmed  yesterday. 

Before the  weekly Cabinet meeting, Minister Lloyd told  reporters  said the exercise is one of fairness and equality.

“Some weeks ago, I informed you that we identified 200 plus individuals who have, in a sense, violated their employment agreement and arrangement with the Ministry of Education. 

“I indicated to you that those persons were being either disciplined or terminated and I am happy to report that the disciplining process is underway and there have been some terminations and there will be more.  There will be further discipling of those who we think warrant it,” Mr. Lloyd said. 

The Education minister said that apart from termination, there will be other actions taken on those who fit into the category.

“Well it could entail letters of warning obviously, certain suspensions. It could also require that they submit to certain behavioral corrections. 

“We also may require that some of these persons who we see have the talent and the ability and for other reasons, may deserve another chance by way of some more training,” Mr. Lloyd said.  

He said that while those terminated violated their agreement and are being disciplined, there are those who wish to be a part of the Ministry of Education’s work force. 

“It is the intention of our ministry to engage as many persons, who are suitably qualified and are interested and are capable and who wish to be a part of this revolution in Education, that is now presently underway, but there are obligations that they have to fulfill.

“First of all, they have got to come to work, when they do come to work, they must come to work on time and they must do their jobs. 

“I think that is only fair. That is what the Bahamian people expect; that’s what the Bahamian people deserve; that’s what the Bahamian people demand. 

“We are going to ensure that the Bahamian people get value for their money, and that’s the only thing that we are doing,” Mr. Lloyd said. 

As to exactly how many persons have been terminated,  Mr. Lloyd said that he could not give an exact figure, he did confirm, however, that they are across the board at the ministry. 

“The exercise that is underway now is an exercise of fairness and equality; so that we for the sake of those persons and for the sake of our country get the just due that they deserve. 

“It’s across the system, the Ministry of Education system, because these contract workers are in the Security Department, General Services Department and elsewhere, Mr. Lloyd said. 

In March the Education Minister insisted that the government were not firing these workers but that they were “in fact firing themselves”.

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