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DNA: Time To Deal With Issues

Now that the North Abaco bye-election is over, it is time to get on with addressing issues affecting that constituency and The Bahamas overall, according to Leader of Democratic National Alliance (DNA), Branville McCartney.

The Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) Renardo Curry won the North Abaco seat, defeating the Free National Movement’s (FNM) Greg Gomez and Bahamas Constitutional Party (BCP) Servant Leader, Ali McIntosh.

“On behalf of the DNA, we congratulate Mr. Curry,” Mr. McCartney said in a statement yesterday.

“Mr. Curry is now the Member of Parliament for North Abaco. That means he represents all persons in North Abaco, not just the PLPs. As a young politician, I do believe and, indeed, hope that he represents all….It is now time for them to get to work and help build this country for all Bahamians and those who have a right to be here,” he said.

“The bye-election is over, but the concerns still remain. Crime is still at a point in this country where law- abiding citizens are scared to just do the normal things in life. The governing party must ensure that there is discipline in this country. They must make the criminally minded persons know that there will be consequences for their wrongdoing…and make examples out of some. They must “sweat the small stuff.”

Mr. McCartney said the illegal immigration problem is still out of control.

“This issue, among others, was simply not discussed during the bye-election,” he said.

“But the issue remains in Abaco and throughout our beloved country. Yes, we welcome persons to our shores, but they must come the legal way. Our economy is not growing and, indeed, the cost of living and the cost of doing business remain unattainable. In other words, our people are suffering. It is difficult the make “ends meet.”

He added that the education system still needs revamping so that Bahamian children can compete on the world stage.

“And, yes, the many, many social issues must still be addressed,” Mr. McCartney said.

“I trust and pray, that the government who claim that they believe in The Bahamas, would get the ball rolling and ensure that these issues are vigorously addressed so that we can truly say that it is better in The Bahamas for all Bahamians.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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