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DNA Leader Calls Gov’t First Year In Office “Disastrous”


Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader Branville McCartney has given the Christie administration a ‘D’ grade for its first year in office claiming the government performance thus far has been “disastrous.”

Mr. McCartney delivered a scathing review of the government during a press conference at his Halsbury Chambers office Monday.

He noted that the Progressive Liberal Party was ushered into office last year on a number of big promises – none of which he claimed, it has been able to deliver.

“The PLP’s administration can be summed up in one word – disastrous,” the DNA leader told reporters.

He blasted the government over its handling of crime and refuted recent statistics from National Security Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage that suggest there has been a decrease in crime.

“Yes, I do hear the minister speak about statistics that the crime level has decreased but I do challenge the minister to verify which area of crime he speaks to,” Mr. McCartney said. “As long as the Bahamian people have the fear of crime, statistics are not sufficient. We call on the government to declare war on crime.

“We ask the government to put effective legislation in place so that the death penalty is carried out against anybody who commits murder against anybody.”

The DNA leader who served as State Minister for Immigration in the Ingraham administration also charged that the government has failed to seriously address the issue of illegal immigration in the country.

He maintained that the government appears to be more concerned about prohibiting those people who are in The Bahamas legally in favour of those who are here illegally.

“In or about 2010, it was determined that on New Providence alone, an island 21 miles by seven miles, there were 37 Shanty Towns,” he said. “We have been informed that the number has since grown. This is not good for our country. Illegal immigration puts a strain on our Social Services Department, our health services and our education system and contributes tremendously to our crime problem.”

Mr. McCartney also hit out at the government over its failed Mortgage Relief Plan, meant to assist thousands of homeowners facing foreclosure, its inability to create jobs or jumpstart the country’s sluggish economy.

Further, Mr. McCartney asserted that the Christie administration’s botched handling of the Gaming Referendum should have led to the resignation of this government.
“The farce of a referendum on gambling would have caused any government in a developed country to resign,” he said. “The government spent in excess of $1 million on this opinion poll that led to naught. From the beginning, we in the DNA said that the process was completely flawed.

“That it was not a referendum but an opinion poll, which the prime minister subsequently confirmed.”

Written by Jones Bahamas

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