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DNA Gives Mixed Reviews To Speech

Hours after the government laid out its legislative agenda through the Speech from the Throne, the Democratic National Alliance (DNA) responded to the Christie administration’s plans and gave it mixed reviews.

In a statement released yesterday, the DNA credited the government for putting forward an extensive and well-crafted national and social agenda, that if fulfilled the DNA said, “promises to begin creating the model country that ours is destined to be.”

“However, at the same time, with the speech giving no clear plan of action for the implementation of this extensive array of promises, the agenda set out by the government in the speech leaves less tolerant Bahamians with more questions than answers as to when and how the new government intends to make it all happen,” the statement read.

“Lacking in details as to a working timeframe for when the proposed initiatives would be either implemented, established, reviewed, put in place, or completed, the government’s speech from the Thrown is an indication that the Bahamian people are more than likely in for another five years of the same old Christie administration of the past – plenty talk and little action.”

The DNA charged that the former Christie government’s weak performance during better economic times between 2002 and 2007 as it relates to crime, education and housing, makes it hard to not be cynical of this new Christie administration’s proposals.

“Whereas it speaks to a vision, it runs away from the nuts and bolts and fails to give a list of priorities timelines – short, mid, or long term – of when Bahamians can expect to see the kinds of changes that will bring relief to them and their families’ sense of security and wellbeing, their health, and their upward mobility in the Bahamian society,” the statement said.

“For a government that, in the run up to it coming to power, claimed to be ready to govern from day one, their speech from the Throne is not a reflection of this.

“By now, outside of their proposed 100 day plan touted on the campaign trail, this administration should have formulated and been prepared to speak the Bahamian people of a more extensive, tentative plan of action for moving this country forward. If it has one, this was not reflected in today’s Speech from the Throne.”

The DNA also promised to continue to hold fire to the feet of both the government and the Opposition Free National Movement (FNM) in order to ensure that the democracy is upheld.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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