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Defence Force Officer Charged With Stealing

Another Defence Force officer was arraigned before the courts yesterday for stealing by reason of service.

Appearing before Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis, 37-year-old Tavares Styles was charged with two counts of stealing in separate incidents.

It is alleged that on March 20, 2017, Glenford Bevans gave the Marshall Road resident $2,200 for vehicle parts. According to the particulars, Styles was given the funds for two F-150 doors for a truck, however, Styles did not return the goods for the money he received.

The complainant said that he contacted Styles on a number of occasions but was unable to reach him, resulting in a complaint to the police and Styles being brought in for investigation on April 13.

When asked if he understood the charges, Styles said that he understood the charges but stated that the amount was incorrect, subsequently he pleaded guilty.

Styles claimed that he was the middle man and that he had receipts showing that the parts were purchased. However, between shipping they [the truck doors] went missing. He said that he takes full responsibility. He stated that he had offered to repay Bevans in two installments, but Bevans declined, stating that he wanted a full refund.

Styles was then further charged with stealing $5,355 from Jamal Deal. In this instance, it is alleged that Styles received the money to purchase a 2009 Chevy Silvarado.

Again, Styles claimed that he was the middle man as the truck was to be bought through his cousin. He again acknowledged that he had to take responsibility and had offered to repay both individuals.

He admitted that receipts were given to both complainants, but they did not receive the goods.

In the case of the purchase of the vehicle, Styles said that he had offered Deal his own personal truck, but before the transaction could be completed he was taken into custody

He was denied bail and sentence was deferred for ten days, giving Styles until April 26 to sort out any transactions that he has to.

He was remanded to the Bahamas Department of Corrections until April 30th.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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