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Customs Fraud Fighting Initiative Launched

Bahamas Customs Department launches its public education campaign Aug 14, 2019 363017

The Bahamas Customs Department and Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest introduced the new online portal Click2 Clear, which is designed to protect against customs fraud.

During a press conference on Wednesday at the Ministry of Finance, they laid out the government’s public education campaign to unveil this latest initiative. 

In addition to protecting against fraud, the portal will provide faster customs clearance, automatic email confirmation and online payments.  

Turnquest believes the portal is a way to ensure a more effective system. 

“Once Click2Clear is fully implemented, all importers will be operating by the same rules and regulations. This is possible because most processes will be digitized and automated. That means they won’t vary from one customs officer to the next or one port of entry to the next,” Turnquest said.

“We will have tighter controls and risk management to reduce the opportunities of corruption and fraud, including the ability to transition to a cashless environment.

“The benefits of this transformation are numerous, as the government will have accurate statistical information for more effective policy making and real time information to assist with better budget planning.”

Superintendent Tyrone Sands made it clear that anyone who needs to register, whether a resident or not, must register online.

Persons who should register include individuals who shop online, send or receive documents internationally or use a broker or freight forwarder to import goods.

“Once your name appears on a manifest, your name must be in the system for those works to be cleared. This is why it is imperative that you register,” Superintendent Sands warned.

“We just want to stress the importance of being proactive. Register now. This is August. Thanksgiving will soon be here. Christmas will soon be here. You’ll be ordering gifts and presents online. Do not wait until you place that order. The goods are at a customs port and then you find you did not register and your name is not in the system.”      

Registration can be done online at

A hotline is also available for persons in need of assistance. Residents will need a National Insurance Board Smart Card to register. 

Other features of Click2Clear include the business trade portal and the pleasure vessel clearance portal, which is an online module for pleasure vessels to clear customs and apply for mandatory cruising and fishing permits.   

Another feature to look out for next year is a mobile app. 

The Bahamas Customs Department is currently collaborating with a local software developer to launch the mobile app, Exempt App, for customs declarations at baggage claim to be paperless.

The system will be in place September 1 and everyone must register online by September 30. 

So far, 5,000 persons mainly from the Family Islands have already registered. 

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