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Constituents Express Mixed Views on MP Scandals

Marathon and Golden Gates constituents have mixed views on their Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) candidates after news of their scandalous involvement.

Another bombshell dropped in the midst of the PLP’s campaign less than a week after the party’s Marathon candidate and incumbent Jerome Fitzgerald was exposed in a conflict of interest involving Baha Mar, as its Golden Gates candidate and incumbent Shane Gibson yesterday made similar headlines.

It was reported that Mr. Gibson over a span of two years between 2011 and 2013, during his time as a cabinet minister, received over $90,000 from Canadian fashion mogul Peter Nygard.

Last Thursday, documents publicly exposed revealed that Mr. Fitzgerald attempted to obtain contracts to secure millions of dollars in brokerage, trucking, and limousine contracts at Baha Mar.

The Bahama Journal interviewed Marathon and Golden Gates’ constituents, to find out whether the recent series of information had any effect on how they would vote come Election Day.

“Ever since the matter occurred in Marathon, which was definitely something that is heart wrenching, relative to all those people who died in that constituency from cancer due to the leak of the petroleum. That one put the nail in the coffin,” charged Marathon constituent Randy Rolle.

“A lot of them think that they can go and do as they please in The Bahamas. This country does not belong to them. This country belongs to us collectively. So he and his family are not kings and queens. So for him to take that bogus position after he’s been exposed, it’s a disgrace. He needs to go to jail.”

Meantime, positive comments came from the Golden Gates constituency in regards to the PLP candidate.

“In this constituency, Shane Gibson has done the best that he could for everybody in this constituency. I think he deserves another chance. Despite what people say, he is a very good MP,” said Esther Smith, a Golden Gates constituent.

Although not a part of either constituency, businessman and son of the “Father of Labour” the late Sir Randol Fawkes, Douglas Fawkes expressed his feelings on the issue, charging that in the grand scheme of things, there is an urgent need for financial reform.


“Shane Gibson and many other politicians are the flavor of the day; but if we look at both parties, and I speak as an independent person, and all who are running, need financial reform,” said Mr. Fawkes.


“There is always a temptation to go after people who are very rich to finance their things. A lot of them are very high and big. It’s time they have more cents than dollars,” he said.


So far there has been no response from Prime Minister and Progressive Liberal Party Leader Perry Christie on the recent revelations.





Written by Jones Bahamas

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