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Collie: “Roberts Is Delusional”

SYDNEY-COLLIEFree National Movement  Chairman Sidney Collie has some strong words for his counterpart  on the governing side, calling Progressive  Liberal Party  Chairman Bradley Roberts “delusional”.

In a press statement,  Mr. Collie chided Mr. Roberts for his performance during a press conference held earlier this week concerning the status of the Progressive Liberal Party’s upcoming convention.

“Delusional Chairman Roberts gave another eventful press conference on Monday.  When he wasn’t chastising his members to not make internal PLP business public, he was outlining his strong intention to have the PLP talk about their political agenda and then spelt out what they have done as the Government these past five years at their next Convention.

“Sadly for the Bahamian people who have been forced to live through five years of this Government’s broken promises and empty rhetoric, that will be a short program on whatever night the PLP rolls that out at their convention.

“Unless they try to re-write history – as is their pattern – then the PLP will have a lot of apologizing to do that evening. If past actions indicate future behaviour, why would the Bahamian people believe any of the PLP’s lofty promises of future leadership,” Mr. Collie said.

Mr. Collie further lambasted the governing party for what he described as their inefficiencies during their tenure.

“We can easily sum up their ‘accomplishments’ for the delusional Chairman Roberts: failure to fix the crime epidemic plaguing our country; murder rate at record heights; increased sexual assaults of women;  national debt climbing; International Credit Rating Agencies downgrading us because of our failing economy.

“Corruption – rampant, with PLP Members of Parliament publicly stating they will take care of their supporters and allies first.  And let us not forget, this Government’s cosy relationship with their Chinese allies.”

“All Bahamians look forward to the side show the delusional PLP Chairman is seeking to create at their convention.  The PLP must understand that just because they ignore the people, the people have not ignored their abysmal leadership and continued failures on crime, the economy, education, the budget, and the list goes on and one,” Mr. Collie said.

The announcement concerning the date of The PLP’s General Convention is expected sometime later this week.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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