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The management of Jones Communications Network has  chosen two clergymen as  the recipients  of the annual Person of The Year Award for  2018.

The prestigious award goes jointly to two outstanding Bahamian religious leaders who have been elected to international positions, the Reverend Doctor Timothy Stewart and Doctor  Leonard Johnson.

Rev. Dr. Stewart has been installed as President of the Progressive National Baptist Convention Inc. USA during the 57th Annual Convocation this year. He now heads a  Baptist denomination headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with an estimated membership of 2.5 million people.

A statement from JCN said, “Dr. Stewart as Pastor of the historic Bethel Baptist Church for 36 years has been an inspiration to clergymen and members of the community of faith in The Bahamas and the Americas. He is an exemplar of Bahamian exceptionalism, a leader who has used intellectual ability to reach tens of thousands with the gospel and motivated them to improve their quality of  life.”

Dr. Leonard Johnson is an outstanding Seventh-Day Adventist Pastor who is the first Pastor from an English-speaking territory to become Executive Secretary of the Inter­ American Division of Seventh-Day Adventists.

The JCN statement said Dr. Johnson’s elevation made all Bahamians proud. “During  his many years in ministry, his preaching has been a feast for the theological mind and for those who earnestly seek to know the Christian God at more than a surface level. His new position is testimony of the high esteem in which he is held by his colleagues in Ministry and of the adulation of followers of the Christian faith.”

The two clergymen will accept the awards in a ceremony on Friday, 18th J anuary, 2019 in the JCN   Media Centre on  University Drive.

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