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Churches Suspend Services

Church leaders and pastors have agreed to suspend their services for a brief time, according to Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis.

The decision was made during a meeting with Dr. Minnis and church leaders earlier this week.

They came to an agreement that all church services, bible studies and meetings will be suspended for two weeks, beginning from March 19until April 4,to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

“They all understand the circumstances and situation that we face today. And the pastors agree, Mr. Speaker, that in order to combat and win this war or battle that we face, we must not make mistakes that other countries have made,” Dr. Minnis said as he addressed the House of Assembly on Wednesday.

“We may have to produce harsh measures and they so understand and agree that social distancing has to be introduced and they are prepared to immediately commence social distancing by cancelling their services and continue their services via the internet.”

Anglican Diocese Bishop Laish Boyd stated in an update release to church members on March 18that these measures are drastic but needed.

While the plan is to resume services on April 4, the situation of the virus is still progressing and changing every day, as such Bishop Boyd stated that they will evaluate the matter before moving forward.

Bishop Boyd encourages church-goers to continue their own devotions at home as “God is present everywhere and he will meet us wherever we are.”

Clergy and parishes are also encouraged to contact their parishioners via telephone, social media and other means of technology.

In the case of already planned weddings, Bishop Boyd is asking persons to either reschedule the wedding for a later date or to radically decrease the number of guests attending the ceremonies, as gatherings in large numbers increases the threat of contamination.

The same goes for funerals, asking families to postpone the funeral or to arrange a family only service with social distancing being highlighted.

Bishop Boyd said he believes that it is the best stewardship at this time.

He added that these practices will help to “cut off the head of the monster” before it can grow stronger, by  practicing containment and social distancing, that does not allow the virus to spread as much as if one acts as if it’s “business as usual.”

These actions, he said, are making sure that the body of Christ is our brother’s and our sister’s keeper, and that each is helping to care for each as Jesus expects of us.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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