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Christie: FNM Over-estimated Gomez

Prime Minister Perry Christie said the Free National Movement (FNM), in choosing its bye-election candidate, “over-estimated” what Greg Gomez was bringing to the table.

At a last ditch rally on Cooper’s Town, North Abaco on Friday the prime minister said it is clear that the Opposition did not “make a careful or thoughtful or respectful choice” through its decision to ratify Mr. Gomez as a candidate.

“They over-estimated him and they under-estimated you, North Abaco,” Prime Minister Christie said. “They didn’t act in his best interests and they didn’t act in yours, either.
“Because you deserve representation of the finest calibre. And no last-minute dirty tricks, crazy stunts or desperate allegations can change that basic fact. They have been the last to recognise it, but the fact is, it is a new day in North Abaco. And as the fact of their electoral defeat has sunk in, they have become dirtier and more dangerous.”
The FNM’s campaign has been marred with numerous holes as questions surrounding their candidates past employment, citizenship and salary were all questioned.
“I don’t know what they were thinking,” the prime minister added. “But they very clearly were not thinking about the people of North Abaco.
“There has been a lot of confusion about things that should be very simple, like employment and sources of income and the like. There has been a false claim of victimisation – which I never understood, really, as the basis of a political campaign – I’m a victim, vote for me? But who would mistake a victim for a leader?”
The prime minister added that many people who considered themselves loyalists to the FNM are feeling disrespected by the choice of nominee, and added that none of them were even consulted about the decision.
Deputy Prime Minister Philip “Brave” Davis was also on hand for the rally and said because of the choice the FNM made in making Mr. Gomez the candidate they have since lost a lot of support.
“I’ve seen a lot of people changing out of those red shirts lately,” he said. “Unhappy with not having been consulted about the choice for nominee. Unhappy that a more qualified man was not chosen.
“I told you last week that I’m not one to pile on a man who’s so far down. But I do see a lot of you asking those party bosses just exactly what they were thinking. You deserve the strongest possible representation. You deserve to be led by someone who has their act together. You deserve to be led by a role model for young people.”
The North Abaco bye-election polls open today at 9:00 a.m.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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