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Capt. Fernley Palmer Solicit Public’s Help—Boys’ Brigade Headquarters Needed

Planted 74-years ago in what he termed the good soil of Boys’ Brigade, Capt. Fernley Palmer gets set to make his grand exit next year from an organization in which he gave the greater part of his life to; however, not before he makes a special request to Bahamians.


Capt. Palmer said that before he retires next year he wants to help the Bahamas Boys’ Brigade to build their headquarters.


“Some 59 years after being a captain, I met with my officers and they plan that I must go next year under normal circumstances and if the Lord tarries and I live.


“Of course, it will put me 75 years in the Boys’ Brigade and 60 years as a captain.


“Before I go I want to do something big for the boys brigade, not for Captain Fernley Palmer but for the Boys’ Brigade.


“So, I am coming to the public to ask the public to help me build the boys brigade headquarters on Dolphin Drive,” he said.


The headquarters, which was started some time back was put on hold, according to Capt. Palmer; however, he said that it is now his goal to see the building complete.


“We started the headquarters, but ran into a little problem and it is now ceased but it is my goal to go out and solicit from the general public, but in particular the thousands and thousands of young men who have passed through the Boys’ Brigade during the past 74 years, in particular those from my Boys’ Brigade Company, the 14th Company, Zion Baptist Church East and Shirley Streets,” he said.

Capt. Palmer also called on the men he boasted of who have become influential leaders in the country, that passed through his Boys’ Brigade.

“We boast about the Boys’ Brigade because at one time, Mr. Roderick Bowe came out of 14th Bahamas Boys’ Brigade company, I teach him to right and left turn and he wound up being the Commodore of the Defence Force.


“The Rev. Reginald Ferguson from the 13th company at St. Johns Baptist church, the Boys’ Brigade had two men, the Police Commissioner and the Commodore of the Defence Force came from the Boys’ Brigade, they ruled the country and was in charge of security in this country and so we boast about that.


“I boast about 22 ministers of the gospel, Rev. Dr. simeon Hall was the first one, Father Jimmy Moultrie, Father Crossley Walkine, Prince Bodie who was chaplain of the Defence Force, Apostle Clifford Smith, all those men came from the 14th company, my company.


“I boast about Dr. Frankie Walkine, and Calvin Johnson both members of Parliament. I boast about four lawyers, Dr. Peter Maynard, all those came from the 14th company of Boys’ Brigade,” Capt. Palmer said.

Capt. Palmer said that positive thinking drives the organization and that they remain steadfast in everything that is done as the Boys’ Brigade is good soil.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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