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Can we emulate attributes of successful people?

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Can we emulate attributes of successful people?


By P.J. Malone


To what extent can we emulate what successful people have done to also be able to create high levels of business success in our lives?


It remains to be seen if success is something that can be emulated or if the characteristics that bring about success are innate and inimitable.


Though, some people do believe that one can bring success into their lives by cultivating the attributes of successful people. One such individual is President and CEO, Lolly Daskal, whose company is focused on leadership development. She wrote an article for Inc. entitled “Top 10 Qualities of Highly Successful People”. In it, she lists the following attributes that she says are shared by successful people and that are built over time. Her assertions are as follows:


  1. Drive

People who are driven tend to work harder than others with a determination to get things done. There is a purpose and a sense of pride and doing what is necessary. These people often align themselves with excellence.


  1. Self-reliance

Self-reliant individuals shoulder responsibilities and are accountable. They are said to make the hard decisions and stand by them.


  1. Willpower

It is not surprising that willpower is an attribute of highly successful people. It is required to possess the strength to see things through and to make things happen. Daskal shares that the world’s greatest achievers stay focused on their goals and are consistent in their efforts.


  1. Patience

Successful people are patient and understand that there will be failures and frustrations and allow for their existence.


  1. Integrity

Daskal states that it should go without saying that is one of the most important attributes an individual can cultivate. It creates character and defines who you are.


  1. Passion

Passion is described as the attribute that will bring about one’s success.


  1. Connection

It makes sense that successful people have the ability to relate to others since ‘no man is an island’.


  1. Optimism

Described as the strategy for making a better future, optimism is said to cause successful people to be optimistic and take responsibility for making their future better.


  1. Self-confidence

Self-confidence is having that unshakable trust in yourself that can lead one to success.


  1. Communication

An important component of the success factors, communication brings about trust and respect.


These ten attributes are not surprising. Luckily, for most people, we each possess at least some of these characteristics. Having that head start would make it easy to cultivate and develop the others.


The attributes that stand out as absolute foundational keys are having will power and being driven because with these two attributes, anything else is possible.


Are you willing to cultivate these attributes to bring about high levels of success in your business life?

Written by Jones Bahamas

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