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On the opening night of the Progressive Liberal Party’s 52nd National General Convention last evening party Chairman Bradley Roberts hyped up the thousands of supporters in attendance with the theme ‘build, empower, forward, together noting that the Progressive Liberal Party is the only united party in The Bahamas.

“The PLP supports and celebrates the accomplishments of the government, the most united and transformational government our country has ever seen. The PLP is clearly an agent of change as evidenced by the broad human impact of its policies,” Mr. Roberts said.

As he acknowledged that the convention and the upcoming general election will take on the same course that produced Majority Rule he admonished that Free National Movement (FNM) is broken and that Leader of the Opposition Dr. Hubert Minnis has failed in leadership.

“Fellow delegates and Bahamians everywhere listen very carefully:  The FNM is a weakened and fractured organization because of the failed leadership of Dr. Minnis; its dirty linen was aired in public view at the FNM’s convention last year and in the media. The majority of FNM MP’s wrote a scatting letter describing Dr. Minnis as a failed leader among other many other charges,” Mr. Roberts said.

Mr. Roberts continued on to note that the country was left in a poor state when the PLP began administration in 2012.

“In 2012 the Christie administration inherited an economy that the FNM leader admitted to leaving stranded in a wheel chair, with the FNM government spending over $500 million more than it collected and leaving absolutely no fiscal head room when they were kicked out of office. Unemployment doubled on the watch of the FNM; a mortgage crisis grew unabated; our tourism product was in the doldrums with little to no investment to speak of and the misery index for Bahamians was off the charts with a drastic increase in the poverty index.

“Our PLP knew the country was in deep and serious trouble. We rolled up our sleeves and went to work. Baha Mar was rescued from an investor who could not finish the job,” Mr. Roberts said.

Mr. Roberts also noted that the Bahamians have worked tirelessly to achieve what has been achieved to this modern time further acknowledging that all Bahamians are the inheritors of great wealth in the country.

“During these past fifty years Bahamians have worked tirelessly to build a free, modern, democratic state where each Bahamian has the opportunity to realize the full potential of his or her God given talent and to fully express his or her unalienable freedom and rights guaranteed by the constitution.

“We in 2017 are the inheritors of this glorious legacy that must live on in perpetuity through transformational policies promulgated, shaped and formed at national conventions such as our 52nd National General Convention,” Mr. Roberts stated.

Mr. Roberts further went on to note that what the governing party too has worked tirelessly to revive the country out of the economic trouble that he claims the Free National Movement left in 2012.



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