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BPL’s Board Backs CFO

Amid calls for her termination, Bahamas Power and Light’s Board of Directors have reiterated its support for the company’s Chief Financial Officer Cecille Greene.


Whitney Heastie, BPL Audit Committee chairman, while appearing as a guest on a local talk show, said the CFO was not involved in any wrongdoing despite the theft taking place under her watch.


“When we came on board there was an audit in process by Ernst and Young and we worked with them and took over from the previous board and continued working with them to identify how did this fraud happen and the people involved with the fraud,” Heastie said.


“It was determined to be a collusion fraud, several different people from inside and outside the corporation were involved in creating the fraud.


“The report clearly stated that the CFO worked closely with the auditors to help them resolve the issues and she was not involved with the fraud. Yes, she was in charge, but she wasn’t involved.


“People forged her signature and did certain things, but she was not involved in the fraud so that’s why she wasn’t terminated.”


The Bahama Journal spoke to Bahamas Electrical Workers Union (BEWU) Secretary General Astrid Bodie last month, who said that the managers should take responsibility and be accountable for the situation that transpired.


She added that while the union doesn’t condone stealing and wrongdoing on the job, Bodie said BEWU simply wants fair play in the workplace.


She explained that there were 44 BPL cheques in question that were given to 16 vendors and each one of those cheques were signed by the manager and should have been vetted by the manager.


“So you trying to tell me now, you as a manager have 44 cheques, fraudulent cheques that come across your desk.  You sign them, you check the documents and you realize none of the documents are fraudulent.  Something is wrong there.  Out of 44 you should catch a few,” Bodie said.




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