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BPL Presents Load Shedding Resolution

Deputy Prime Minister Peter Turnquest said Bahamas Power and Light officials met with the government on Tuesday and gave a presentation of their short-term plan to resolve the agonizing load shedding issue that is plaguing New Providence. 

Turnquest revealed this information yesterday and added that the government is working diligently on the matter. 

“We anticipate, based upon the information that was given to us, that we will have a relatively short resolution to the matter barring any other significant events and so hopefully this saga, if we can call it that, can end,” Mr. Turnquest assured.

When asked if the BPL load shedding is a national crisis, Turnquest said he wouldn’t put a label on it.

“We know that this is a very significant inconvenience for citizens and residence and the inconvenience they have to endure during this period,” he said.

When questioned about BPL being privatized, the deputy prime minister said there were no discussions on the matter, but he would defer to the minister of works and BPL.

As for the government allegedly allocating funds for maintenance repairs, but were used for new engines at Clifton Pier, Turnquest said he is not aware if that is what the funds were used for, but admits he is not in charge of those funds.  He deferred again to BPL on the matter. 

Load shedding continues throughout New Providence and on Sunday during a press conference, BPL CEO Whitney Heastie was unable to guarantee whether load shedding would stop. 

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