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BPL Connects Four Engines

Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) has connected four of the seven engines at its Clifton Pier plant. 

BPL Executive Director Patrick Rollins said on Monday that BPL is in the process of connecting the other three. The engines need to be tested, which is scheduled for mid-October. 

He added that the engines can run independently from the power grid and each one can generate about 18.5 megawatts. 

Rollins noted that the engines are effective, but he could not calculate the cost of oil for the engines.

“These units these are some of the most high efficient fuel engines you can find that are manufactured. So on any fuel it burns, less fuel to make power and that impacts your bill,” he explained.

“Once they’re online, they’ll have to factor in reducing the cost of your bill. Now it’s difficult to say because you can have these efficient generators online and then the cost of fuel goes up. So, then you don’t see it as much. It’s going to be an impact. It’s difficult for us to tell you what it will be.”

Once the engines are fully connected, they will start to use less of the Aggreko units. 

BPL’s board has not decided how much of the old units will stay or go and when they will be phased out.  The board believes the engines can hold up during hurricanes.

“The engine will withstand it. It’s just a matter of some of the auxiliary equipment on the island. How much force wind gives, you know. But you have to take those things. They are designed for hurricane, but you saw what happened to Dorian. It was a monster of hurricane,” Rollins said.  

The deadline is December 15 for the plan to be up and running. The project costs $96 million. 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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