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Bostwick: “No Sense of Direction in the Country”

Former Attorney General and Free National Movement Member of Parliament for Yamacraw Janet Bostwick on Sunday said there is no clear sense of direction in the country.

She asserted that the paradise once had after Majority Rule in 1967, and Independence in 1973, has in a short space of time vanished.

Mrs. Bostwick’s comments came as she addressed a local church congregation on Sunday.

“All with whom I speak feel there is no clear sense of direction, no evidence that we are being led in the right direction. There is anxiety, a sense of all that is not well. No sense of well being,” Mrs. Bostwick said.

“That new nation, that clean nation became a nation for sale; and our ideal paradise became paradise lost within a short time. I have met no Bahamian who feels satisfied with our country’s present state. I haven’t met them. Each decries the hostility, the lack of civility, the degree of hopelessness, the state of the economy, the high level of crime which presently exists in our country,” she continued.

Additionally, Mrs. Bostwick said there needs to be a promotion of small industries for the self employment of Bahamian people.

“Baha Mar has been a horribly costly example of putting all of our eggs in one large foreign basket,” she said.

Work on the multi-billion dollar resort came to a halt last June when developer Sarkis Izmirlian filed for bankruptcy in a US court.

The resort is now in the hands of receivers.

Prime Minister Perry Christie recently announced that negotiations for a buyer are still in progress.

Meanwhile, touching on the country’s system of education, Mrs. Bostwick stressed the need for reform.

“We will give more of ourselves in assisting our educators, but we will demand more of them as well. More teachers must recognize their additional responsibility as surrogate parents. No, they’re not paid for this, but more and more are the only parents these children will have. It’s an awesome responsibility, but one that teaches in some instances, the only one that will teach them responsibility,”

“Our teachers should be role models for our young people; role models in our manner of speech, in their manner of dress and deportment. Our teachers will not be cussing themselves. Our teachers will wear the appropriate clothes, so that a young teacher when she goes to the board will not be showing all of what she ought not to show. Our teachers will be more knowledgeable about conflict resolution. They will be encouraged to see themselves as nation builders,” she said.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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