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Bishop Calls Policemen Retirement “ Suspicious”

The Bahamas Christian Council President BishopDelton Fernander is calling  the retirements of  senior Police Officers suspicious.

He was responding to claims from the Opposition that the instructions to retire the three  men  were sent down from The Office of The Prime Minister.

National Security Minister Marvin Dames said there’s nothing political about it. Bishop Fernander said he has to take the Minister’s word, but stressed that the council is watching.

“From what the Minister has said, it doesn’t give the evidence, because they are up for retirement,  but if someone has three more years to go then why  this  pre retirement?

“So it surely has some suspicious activity around it. We are watching, but we must accept what the Minister says, which is there is no political interference.

“This will be further watched to see how these matters are dealt with and really and truly, I believe the  PoliceForce  should be free of political interference,” Bishop Fernander said.  

The Christian Council President added that the government should not have its hands in the RBPF and that there must come a day when the Commissioner ofPolice is in charge .

He said, if we’re going to manipulate the hierarchy of the Police Force to a place where they are political pundits, we’re going to always be in the state we’re in; where people are afraid to offer themselves to work , and  some of the best minds  will not rise to the top to do the job that we need them to do in our country.”    

The three officers expected to leave the Force are Deputy Commissioner of Police Emrick Seymour, Senior Assistant Commissioner Stephen Dean and Assistant Commissioner Clarence Reckley – husband of Former Deputy Director of Urban Renewal Michelle Reckley. She  along with three others  were charged with 21 counts of fraud last month.


“Its concerning that you would do this during police month and one of the officers being let go, is in charge of police month.

So it tells me that this was not prepared, it was not planned and if it was planned, it was really insensitive that you would let these three go during a time of celebration of the Royal Bahamas Police Force in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas,”  said  Bishop Fernander.  

The Christian Council leader  is convinced the country is moving in the wrong direction, adding that if it maintains the image of political interference, then people will begin to think there is manipulation in every sector of society.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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