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Bishop Calls for Unity


The nation’s problems can only be solved through unity, according to Bahamas Christian Council President Bishop Delton Fernander, who called for The Bahamas to unite, as he believes Bahamians have developed a “vicious cycle of destroying each other.”

“See unity is the only way we can stand Bahamas.  We got to stop letting these people play tricks with us.  It’s time for us to unite, that we have to have a mindset of oneness,” Bishop Fernander said during his sermon at the 46th Independence Ecumenical Service on Clifford Park.   

“We’ve got to know that together we can, with God’s help, restore this land.  God asked the question Bahamas, can these bones live again?  I believe in 2019, God is asking that Ezekiel question and the answer comes back from Ezekiel, ‘Oh Lord, you know.’”

According to Bishop Fernander, the country needs to unite because some Bahamians feel that they are not innovative enough to excel in the country.  

“It is just that we have become comfortable in destructive behaviour,” he said.  “We have a vicious cycle of destroying each other.  In the national sense, we’ve allowed ourselves to become disconnected and scattered.  

“A single identity rallies in people around a commonality and transcends your party, your skin colour. It transcends what all you believe.  The differences are minimalized when we see ourselves as Bahamians and not in our camps and in our parties.  

“Can I tell you that the success of all is the success of each of us? And the success of each of us, accumulatively lead to the success of all of us.  It really doesn’t matter whether you are from Bimini or Inagua or any of the islands in between.  

“You shouldn’t be preferred because you wear red, yellow or green.  You shouldn’t be the person who gets the job just because you know your MP.   That this is our land, and we ought to live with a sense that anybody, anytime can be great and be used by God.” 

According to Bishop Fernander, Bahamians can only experience change in the country if they make up their minds to get involved with God’s process.

“We have to come out of our houses and come out of our tribes and be able to work together to solve our problems,” he said.  “God expects all of us to get involved.” 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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