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Baptist Leader Cites Crime As “The Worst of Times”

“For us today, crime and criminal activities ensure that we live in the worst of times.”

These words were uttered by President of The Bahamas National Baptist Missionary and  Education Convention, the Reverend  Doctor  William Thompson Tuesday  night at he addressed the annual session.

He  said that “crime stalks our land with tornadic destructiveness… 

Families who can afford burglar bars and security cameras willing become prisoners in their homes.

“There has been an increase in the number of magistrates, judges and courts, new legislations are added in parliament regularly, but  inspite all of this, the Bahamas is still in the grips of an epidemic of crime problems.”

Dr. Thompson said a notion he has had for the past 25 years is for The Bahamas to collectively marshall our best minds to evaluate to analyze and to research specific questions as to the cause of crimes.

He  commended the Minister oF National Security and the Commodore as well as the officers of The Royal Bahamas Defense Force for all of their work in protecting our waters and combatting what he describes as a vexing problems.


He also said that any dent in crime is to be commended and saluted the authorities.

The Baptist leader  said  “we are saddened that the murder rates seems to be escalating once again, but what is sadder is that the assault of molestation of young children seems to be more prevalent.” 

Written by Jones Bahamas

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