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Bain Town MP DEFENDS Innocence

Bain and Grants Town Member of Parliament Travis Robinson yesterday said allegations on social media that he committed extortion are absolutely false.

Robinson said he did not commit any such crime and the that there is no merit to those comments.

“Those comments are totally fabricated.

“I continue to work hard for the people in my constituency and the Prime Minister stands behind the work that we have begun and we’re going to see it through to completion.

“There is no further comments on that as it is simply fabricated. I’m not sure who did it and it doesn’t matter, because my focus is on the constituency at this time,” Robinson said.

Robinson said the allegations could just be a political attack.

“I understand that we are in the political climate and the opposite operators will do whatever they think is necessary to attack myself, my character or whatever it may be, but I stand firm on the truth that these statements are a totally fabricated,” Robinson said.

He added that the reports that he was pulled into a meeting with the deputy prime minister, who is alleged to have investigated the matter, is also false.

“No, there is no meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister on this issue. In fact it was a total shock to me again,” Robinson said.

The allegations against him were shared on the Facebook page of a well-known social media tabloid page and stated that Robinson accepted kick-backs from a government granted contract.


Written by Jones Bahamas

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