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Bahamians Travelling To The UK

Bahamians travelling to the United Kingdom are strongly urged to ensure they are adequately prepared for the journey and asked to be particularly mindful of the following:
• All Bahamians travelling to the United Kingdom should be in possession of valid passport
• Bahamian tourists travelling directly to the United Kingdom from Nassau do not require a British visa to enter the United Kingdom, nor do they require a US visa
• All Bahamians travelling to the United Kingdom via the United States do require a US visa
• Police Certificates enables Bahamian tourist to enter the United States from The Bahamas, the Certificates will not facilitate re-entry into the United State from another country
Bahamian travellers are asked to note that the High Commission of The Bahamas in London is unable to facilitate applications for United States visas.
Bahamians who are not in possession of the necessary travel documentation will be required to make alternate arrangements to return to The Bahamas; either directly to Nassau, through a third country for which visas are not required or through the United States after obtaining a US visa. When transiting en route to third countries, travellers are also urged to ensure that they allow sufficient time to apply for, or are in possession of required visas and documentation prior to arrival, in London.
Lost/Stolen Passports
Incidents of lost or stolen passports should be immediately reported to the police, as an original police report is required to obtain a replacement passport or emergency travel document.
Nationals desirous of obtaining a new travel document are expected to fulfil all of the usual application requirements, including submission of the Passport Application Form, Overseas Referral Form and photographs. The Passport FAQ, application guidelines and copies of the relevant forms are available at
Children, 10 years and over, must sign the application form. Where practicable, all persons 14 years and above must be fingerprinted.
Damaged Passports
If a passport has been damaged, the original must first be verified by the Passport Office, via the High Commission. A copy is made, and the original is returned, after which the national is expected to apply for a new passport or an emergency travel document.
It is recommended that all travellers have on hand certified copies of their travel documents.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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