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Bahamians Says Gray Should be Fired

Bahamians voiced their opinions yesterday concerning the prime minister’s decision to relieve V. Alfred Gray of his position as minister of local government, but maintain the position as minister of agriculture and marine resources.

“I don’t think it makes sense for Minister Gray to still be sitting in the House of Assembly only having one title stripped from him,” said a government worker who wished to remain anonymous.

“If I had committed a crime I would have been fired from my post until further investigation. Alfred Gray should know better than that because when a child does wrong they should be punished. The reason we have all these stink and rude young children is because of people like Alfred Gray and the parents of that child.”

Sidney Bain, a local performer agrees with this lady. He said, “It’s like being half pregnant.”

“How does that work? Could you be almost pregnant? If you are wrong, you are wrong, not partially.”

While Minister Gray may have only been relieved of one of his ministerial positions, most Bahamians who provided comments yesterday said it was the prime minister’s duty to fire him completely. They believe that his actions display “weak leadership.”

“I have a major problem with the prime minister indicating that Mr. Gray has asked him to resign,” said Ashton Woodside.

“The prime minister should have asked for his resignation prior to Mr. Gary so it goes again to show that we lack true leadership in every regard.”

Emmanuel Collie also blamed the prime minister.

“The prime minster in his wisdom must make a decision that the public can live with,” he said.

“But as far as I’m concerned how can you take one ministry from him, but allow him to remain as the head of another ministry?”

Last week it was revealed that Minister Gray intervened in a matter concerning a man who had been convicted and sentenced by the island magistrate on Mayaguana, and it was reported that he ordered the prisoner’s release.

On Wednesday Prime Minister Perry Christie announced that Minister Gray made a request to be relieved of his duties as minister of local government, following an announcement by the attorney general that the matter is now under police investigation.

While Minister Gray has been relieved of his local government ministerial portfolio, members of the Free National Movement continues to demand his resignation.

Written by Jones Bahamas

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